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"Have you ever been in a place where you knew there was no where else you needed to be? Have you ever felt that you've met an eclectic group of people that would never again meet in that same sacred moment?  Have you ever had a connection in another part of the world that lead you to something different, something better? THAT is how it feels to go to a Wanderlust Festival, and THAT is how it feels to be a Wanderlust Wayfarer!" 

986 So says Collette, below, one of the amazing Wanderlust Wayfarers that we've assembled to spread excitement about our first island adventure at #WLOahu. These gals have been busy spreading the Wanderlust love in that grassroots way, one yogi at a time. Helping us distribute posters, reaching out to their surfing and asana-loving friends, and being 24/7 Wanderlust enthusiasts. And believe us, their enthusiasm is totally infectious.  We love hearing what they've been up to and seeing pictures of them take our mission to heart on the North Shore of O'ahu. Collette continues, "To be connected to a group of mindful people with a purpose, a higher level of awareness, and degree of will power that is beyond - it is so fulfilling and ultimately so much better for the greater good! I could not be happier/prouder/more certain... that a Wanderluster is who I am."


If that's not enough enthusiasm for you, you must be crazy, but we'll continue. Meet Leslie, below, who tells you in this lovely blog post about how she learned about the Wayfarer program and what it means to her to be part of the team: "THIS [being a Wanderlust Wayfarer] is completely different. This is something that I connect with and can speak authentically on.  It’s not about selling tickets or persuading anyone. It’s about getting people educated and excited about this incredible opportunity to play, explore, and connect with like-minded peeps.  I would be doing that even if I wasn’t officially asked to help!"  You see why we're enamored with our Wayfarers. Keep up to date with Leslie's wanderings here.


"Nurse Kate" has been practicing yoga and teaching health and wellness in local communities from Philadelphia to Hawaii (and some states in between) for over 25 years. There's Monica, who teaches both meditation as well as yoga for kids, and there's Ruby, who recently completed her certification as an Ayurvedic Yoga specialist, is also trained in Swedish, Lomi Lomi & Thai massage.  There's Tara, a massage therapist who teaches at Moonstruck Yogi, and who was drawn to yoga to treat her own body well after giving so much in her massage sessions.  And there's Nina, who is involved in both donation-based classes and yoga education for kids - a program so groovy that we're going to feature it in more in-depth in an upcoming blog post.  Seriously, how darling is the name "Stretch Your Imagination" for children's yoga?  It's very darling. See full bios and photos on our #WLOahu Wayfarer page


If this genuine feel-good party is one that you want to be a part of, it's not too late.  We are accepting Wayfarers for our mainland festivals for a short while longer, which means you could be our superstar community connector in your neighborhood.  We are absolutely loving the video applications coming in - check out the below for inspiration, one of many delightful vignettes our Wayfarer hopefuls have submitted.  But time's running out, so get your Wayfarer applications in to us so that we can solidify our squad over the holidays. 

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