Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii


"Inspiring local communities to care for their coastlines through hands on beach cleanups."


Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii will host a Wanderlust Festival beach cleanup on Saturday, February 28 from 10:30am-1:00pm. Show the Kahuku Coastline some love by helping us remove as much marine debris as we can!

Waste Reduction

We’ve set up a streamlined program to process landfill trash, recycling, and biodegradable (compostable) materials, such as food, paper products, and bio-plastics, at our festival. This system typically reduces trash to the landfill by 80% to 90%. Wanderlust will provide waste stations for festival goers and supply staff there to explain their proper usage and function. Wanderlust will also arrange for separate dumpsters and hauling for recycling, compost and trash.

Sustainable Food & Beverage Products

Wanderlust has committed to an unparalleled sustainable food and beverage program. On the food side, we are sourcing from local vendors wherever possible.  We've also introduced an on-site farmer's market featuring locally-grown and prepared foods. Where local options are not available, we're purchasing only organic, sustainably farmed foods.

Equally important, the products (primarily utensils, cups, plates and other food-service ware) that Wanderlust uses are all sustainable. Products made of Styrofoam and non-recyclable plastics (such as white picnic cutlery) have been banned at the event to avoid contamination and reach our zero-waste goal. We are providing water filling stations throughout the festival to reduce bottled water waste. Our commitment is shared not just by producers and organizers, but also by our vendors, who will also participate in our greening program.

Green Team

Wanderlust trains volunteers to be part of an on-site Green Team. The Green Team is stationed at waste reclamation stations to explain the proper separation and disposal of compostable materials, recyclables, and waste.


While taking the shuttle is a green choice, you may find it more affordable to gather a group, rent a car and rideshare to Wanderlust O'ahu. Car rentals from the Honolulu Airport are surprisingly affordable, and are a convenient way to get to Turtle Bay.  You can set up a profile on the Ridesharing App from Zimride to connect with other attendees looking to get to Turtle Bay Resort. Zimride offers a new spin on ridesharing, using social networks to enable realtime connections - you can check out interests, musical tastes, and feedback of other Zimriders before you share a ride. Visit our cutom Zimride page for Wanderlust O'ahu and make your journey more green and fun - the drive toward the North Shore is unforgettable!