Meet Wanderlust's 2014 Oahu Wayfarer team! This fantastic group of yoga and festival lovers are Wanderlust's superstar community connectors. They embody the Wanderlust mission by creating community through mindful living. Find the Wayfarer closest to you, and keep an eye out for them in class. Better yet, check out their own classes and community projects, and join them in Oahu this Winter!


Monica Ross, Wayfarer Regional Manager: Honolulu, Hawaii

For the past five years Monica has been working in the health and yoga community in Hawaii and is stoked to be pairing it with Wanderlust! A yoga and pilates instructor in the heart of Honolulu, she spends her spare time surfing, hiking, jammin' to good music and dreaming up her next travel adventure! Monica deeply cares about her students and their progression on the yogic path. She blends precise alignment quest with a unique invigorating approach to Vinyasa yoga. In efforts to inspire her community to "live yoga" she also hosts various wellness events in Hawaii.

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Cecilia Ryan: Honolulu, Hawaii

Her inspiration is to "Ride the wave of each breath, and connect to the flow of life, celebrating each moment as a gift". Cecilia’s yoga journey began in 2000 (Hamburg, Germany) where she was an Aerobics Instructor on the search for more than a physical workout. Fascinated by the beautiful dance between breath and movement, effort and surrender, she emerged herself into the vast ocean of yoga. Her dedication to the practice allowed her into a mentor ship program at her local studio, where she taught her first class in 2004. Following her dream she moved to Portugal where she lead yoga-surf retreats and taught classes at the beach. Her love for the ocean brought her around the globe until she finally stranded on the islands of Hawaii in 2008. She received her 200hr RYT with Open Space Yoga in 2011. Since then her vibrant and heart inspired vinyasa flow classes are inviting to experience delight, joy & happiness on and off the mat. She is thrilled to be a part of the Wayfarer team on Oahu and excited to spread Yoga and Aloha to the community.

Courtney Wexler: Honolulu, Hawaii

Courtney Wexler has been practicing yoga for over ten years in places including Los Angeles, New York, Rishikesh India, London and now Honolulu. She received her 200-hour teaching certification through Aloha Yoga Kula in Kailua, Hawaii so that she could be a part of sharing this 5000-year-old secret with the world, but relishes equally in being a student of yoga and life each and every day. Personally, yoga has helped Courtney find one-pointed focus while training and completing an Ironman triathlon, served in her recovery from marathon injuries and has reminded her in difficult situations to stop and take a breath. In November 2013, she will complete her Ayurvedic Health Educator certification through the California College of Ayurveda. In March of 2014, she will start her 500-hour teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank. You’ll find Courtney spreading the yoga love at local studios and hotels on Oahu, but she holds a special place in her heart for the donation-based outdoor yoga she teaches, called Yoga for My Homies.

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Jamie Eversweet Belmarez: Hawi, Hawaii

Jamie has been teaching yoga since 2001, receiving her training and certification from the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. A desire to “love what is” motivated her to become initiated in the path of yoga and self-healing. Her classes reflect the many styles and teachings that have intersected her path, including but not limited to, Iyengar, Kundalini and Tantra, with a strong emphasis on intention, form and the breath. Jamie is a certified Thai Yoga practitioner and a licensed massage therapist. She is very gifted in her ability to help students release deep seated tension with an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and offers gentle, assisted touch during asana practice. The practice presented is balanced with compassion and understanding of “beginning from where you are.” Her integrated and non-dogmatic approach to both massage and yoga gives her the flexibility of offering classes that help guide the student in discovering what is needed most in the moment. Recently Jamie became a certified Yoga Ed. teacher and is now teaching children yoga in their classroom environment at Kohala Elementary School. Imagine what your yoga practice might be if you had begun when you were six!

Connect with Jamie: Kohala Yoga Community Center , Hana Hou Massage

Jazmin Repollo: Maui, Hawaii

Born and raised island child, business student at UHMC, and devoted yogini.

Karly Railsback: San Francisco, California

A Licensed Massage Therapist, 500hr RYT, and a student of Ayurveda, Karly blends all three practices to bring invigoration and ease to body and mind. Over the last 10 years she has studied, practiced, lived, and played in California, Alaska, and Hawai’i. Currently based in San Francisco, Karly brings her knowledge and experience to fast paced tech industry. She primarily offers on-site massage, yoga and meditation in companies and start-ups such as Twitter, Learnist, Twitch.TV and Rackspace. Her passion is to bring yoga and ayurveda outside of the studio by teaching people to breathe and relax in a casual and practical way. On the weekends however you can spot her surfing along the California coast, taking long bike rides or in class with long time mentor Jason Crandell.

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Katie Marie Klingensmith: Waialua, Hawaii

Katie's classes are alive with energy and nurturing love for every practitioner. She believes that the yoga asana practice (while challenging) shouldn't be taken too seriously. It enlightens students to laugh and have fun during class, all while getting lost in their own journey of discovering their true inner source. It is evident that she truly cares about the well being of her students and shows this through her genuine smile, tailored instruction, and attentive insights. Her own practice began during her teen years and expanded until she attended her first 200hr teacher training in Venice, CA, through the Samudra School of Living Yoga with Shiva Rea. She was trained in Prana Flow® Yoga, Fluid Power Yoga®, Chakra Vinyasa, Trance Dance, and Advanced Vinyasa & Ayurvedic Teachings. She teaches a wide range of vinyasa styled yoga, including power and energetic vinyasa classes for all levels. She also teaches Yoga for CrossFitters, and Military Physical Training. Katie is a certified 200 RYT Prana Flow® Instructor, CrossFit Coach and a certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach.

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Noelani Love: Haleiwa, Hawaii

Noelani Love is a North Shore native, mother, surfer and jewelry designer who has been practicing yoga since 2007. Noelani trained with Gurmukh in India and Los Angeles to complete her 200 hour Kundalini Yoga Training as well as an 85 hour prenatal yoga training. With her passion to share the practice of Kundalini, the original yoga of awareness, Noelani incorporates live ukulele music into her practice. The focus on spinal flexibility, fluid body movement and breath awareness allow for the spirit of Kundalini to rise within you. Her classes offer a soft, yet powerful approach for creating balance and beauty in the flow of life. Kundalini yoga allows you to align with your divine truth that lies within. Noelani enjoys sharing this beautiful, soulful practice with her students and hopes to inspire.

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Patricia Pena: Los Angeles, CA

A photographer and yogi, Patricia discovered her love of yoga five years ago when she turned to yoga to relieve stress. She would have never imagined how connecting with her breath would literally improve her asthma, provide inner peace, and relieve pain in her knees from running. As her relationship with yoga flourished, she took a yoga teacher training that enhanced her own yoga practice. Because she understands the way the body moves, Patricia naturally paired photography and yoga. Her favorite yoga classes are Power Vinyasa and Yin because they allow her to connect with her breath and body. Patricia keeps a notebook with inspirational quotes that she draws from as she begins new photography projects. When she isn’t practicing yoga or taking photographs, you can find her hiking or taking spin classes around LA. Patricia is so excited to be part of the Wayfarer team and can't wait to spread yoga to her Santa Monica community!

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